Local Vintage Combinations


We break down in a lot of different ways, so at the risk of choice crisis here are all the combinations.
We do specify a 2-hr minimum, i.e. we would happily do a 1 hr gig, but would charge for 2hrs. Above 3 hrs, the hourly rate is slightly higher.
3-piece combos.
Great as background for intimate or indoor events. Sound levels are generally pretty low, and guests can talk and eat and mingle with all the atmosphere and class that a live band brings to an event.

3-piece: Piano, bass drums: The classic trio format. Good for background. Encourages conversation; starts to sound a bit same-y after 2 hours. The drums give the drive that makes it a bit more dance-able
3-piece: Piano, bass, sax: The sax(es) can generate additional texture and variety and draw the eye. With no drums, people generally won’t be dancing so this is another good format for background music, cocktails and more intimate events
3-piece: Piano, bass, voice: The voice and the lyrics draw more attention than the sax, so this is appropriate if the emphasis is on the musicians, rather than general creation of a groovy background vibe
Where we use “sax” above, that comprises tenor and baritone saxes and also clarinet, to mix things up with a variety of sounds and textures.
Our vocalist has worked world-class stage shows in Sydney, Melbourne and in Australia’s leading cabaret acts in Melbourne and New York.

4-piece combos:

Slightly higher sounds levels for more energy and a more “up” vibe. The fuller, denser sound will better suit outdoor functions. More textures and variety of sounds are possible, so better suited for a longer gig.

4-piece: Piano, bass, drums, sax: The classic trio with saxes. Great drive and swing. The various saxes give variety and excitement, but still good for background.
4-piece: Piano, bass, drums, voice: The classic trio with voice. A well-balanced swinging quartet with the lyrical drawcard and sheer presence of a vocalist. Will be more of a focus than the p-b-d-sax quartet.
4-piece: Piano, bass, voice, sax: Has the interest and variety of two melody ‘instruments’ but without the extra energy of the drums. Fine for background and cocktails.
5-piece combo:
The classic quintet. Perfect for a dinner-dance or an outdoor function. Can generate an astonishing array of textures and energy levels. A typical quintet gig will move from background ballads and cool jazz to up-tempo danceable swing, blues and funky stuff as the event progresses. We can even incorporate a few old-time rock and roll numbers for when the situation requires!

5-piece: Piano, bass, drums, sax, voice
For most engagements the band will supply a medium-sized PA system. If a medium-sized PA is not adequate or there are special production requirements, then we’d need to talk about what’s required and factor in those costings.
We also extend a 9-piece band, with a 4-piece horn section and optional guitar. This is not a subtle combination, it’s really the ultimate in high-energy swing and soul/R&B. This band goes from Duke Ellington & Count Basie to Blues Brothers and the Commitments. This band has stunning soloists and tight arrangements suitable for music festivals, corporate functions and large events. It will pack the dance floor and create a night that people will talk about.